God's Story and STS on Solar Audio Players

These durable, water resistant, long lasting Megavoice Solar Audio Players are great anywhere in the world, hospitals, and places where people need to hear the Gospel. Choices for content include God's Story (80mg), New Testament (700mg), full Bible (2.5gb), Jesus Film audio (160mg), Simply The Story audio and Bible stories (175mg). Discount for more than 20 players of same kind and same program. Call us to discuss other options or if you have questions. For a list of languages or to see what is spoken in a country or region, click here.

Megavoice solar powered audio player with God's Story program on it.

Best Value Trade & Local Language Player

Great for a trade language and a local language. The Megavoice colored buttons allow for quick and easy switching between the languages. Included (if available) the full Bible or New Testament in the trade language, New Testament in local language, God's Story in trade and local language, Jesus Film audio in trade and local language, space permitting. Size 4 gb. Base price $42.95. Royalties added for some programs.

Megavoice solar powered audio player with God's Story program on it.

Premium Value Solar Player

Great for multiple God's Story languages, 2 or 3 full Bibles, New Testaments, Jesus Films, Bible stories, and even your own program with microSD slot! This device also includes a flash light/torch and speed control. Royalties added for full Bibles, New Testaments, and Jesus Film programs. Size 8 gb. Base price $43.95. Royalties added for some programs.

Megavoice safe

Micro SD Locker

Great way to lock 2 Micro SD cards at a time. $99.95

Megavoice Solar player animal

Wildlife Stuffies

These stuffed animals: Timmy Tiger, Cuddles the Lamb, and Roarrie the Lion hold the solar audio players and become talking friends to all ages. This helps make the Gospel engaging and comforting. Research shows that stuffed animals with audio messages from God inside can bring physical and emotional comfort to those who have experienced trauma and pain. $14.95

Donate to Simply The Story and The God's Story Project

There are many unfunded languages and items given to national evangelists. Sponsor a backpack, megavoice or even give towards a new language. Every dollar can potentially affect hundreds or thousands for the Kingdom of God. Thank you!

(exa. 25.00)