Simply The Story Quality Clothing and More

Looking for ways to start conversations? Some of these items prompt people to ask you for a story. Other items are just amazing in color. 100% of products on this page support STS leaders globally.

Use less plastic and start conversations

STS Conversation Cups

Cups that start conversations. If you hang out at the tea or coffee shop, bring this cup and see who asks you for a story. Straw included. $12.95

STS Embroidered Hats for people to Ask Me For a Story

STS Embroidered Hats

Quality embroidered hats, adjustable to fit most people. A bold way to encourage people to ask you for a story, and people do ask! Black $16.95

Use less plastic and start conversations

"Hug Shirts"

"Never Underestimate the Power of a Hug", Euticus. Great shirt for hugs and for telling the story of Paul raising Eutychus from the dead in Acts 20:7-12. $19.95.

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STS Polo Shirts for people to Ask Me For a Story

Emroidered Polos

"Ask me for a story" embroidered on the left sleeve encourages people to ask for a Bible story. A nice way to share with others. (Women choose one size smaller from the men's size except pink or aqua. Those two colors are women's sizes). $29.95

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Conversation starters for Bible stories


These quality pullover hoodies with a front pocket work great in cold weather. $44.95

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Use less plastic and start conversations


These awesome fleeces with front pockets keep that chill away. $44.95

Medium On Back Order

Large on Backorder

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