God's Story User Agreement

This user/usage agreement applies to all the God's Story Project products, languages and training. This agreement does not cover Simply The Story products and training. All Simply The Story products and training products and training fall under a separate usage and licensing agreement than what is stated here.

TGSP, or The God’s Story Project, refers to the organization that produces and develops all God’s Story: From Creation to Eternity products.

No part of TGSP files, audio, video, photos, images, illustrations, publication, documents, products, training, workshops, or any part related to TGSP may be reproduced, changed, integrated with any other program, without written permission from TGSP. When permission has been obtained from TGSP, acknowledgement must be given to The God's Story Project (TGSP) & Simply The Story (STS) on any publication using TGSP Products. The use of what is learned from TGSP products, including watching the videos, listening to the audio, sharing Bible stories, leading inductive Bible studies oral style, using the conversational model with individuals, do not require written permission and can be used for personal purposes.

TheseĀ  Conditions of Use apply to the TGSP/Life Giving Resources websites located at www.gods-story.org, www.oralbibleresources.com, www.oasistradepost.com, www.DoesGodSpeak.com, www.lifegivingresources.org, www.simplythestory.org, and all associated sites linked to these sites by TGSP/Life Giving Resources, including TGSP/Life Giving Resources sites around the world, and any TGSP/Life Giving Resources materials posted on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and any site considered social media (collectively, the “Site”). The Site is the property of TGSP/Life Giving Resources (“TGSP”).

By using any Products from the Site or anything related to TGSP, STS and all resources, you agree to this usage agreement.

The Products are for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes, to represent or promote another organization, without the express written permission obtained from TGSP/STS.

The Products may not be altered. If the alteration results in a material change in either the content or the message of the original Products, such as for translations, you agree to ask for permission from TGSP/STS first. All translations remain under the ownership of TGSP and STS, including but not limited to the videos, audios, STS Handbook, bookmarks, DVDs, printed materials, and audio materials. Any downloading capabilities are solely an accommodation to you and shall not constitute a grant or waiver (or other limitation or implication) of any rights of the copyright owners of any Products.

No Products of TGSP can be made available for download on non TGSP servers, websites or in any other electronic form without written permission from TGSP/STS.

TGSP reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Usage Agreement at any time.

Updated August 2023

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