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God's Story Synopsis

"Sein Plan" Übersicht

Synopsis de, (l'Histoire de Dieu)

La Historia de Dios: (synopsis)

Resume e "Historise se Zotit"

Istoria lui Dumnezeu – Rezumat

The God's Story Project
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Evangelist Backpack and other solar tools

Evangelist Backpack - 8.5 inch screen DVD Player. Also includes backpack,
VCD, power source, light, & fold up 12v solar panel (select a language.)

Solar Powered Speakers & Phone Charger

Solar Case with built-in amplifier helps your ministry reach more listeners. CE-certified 3W Solar Case Speaker has a stylish, hard exterior and padded protective internal shell. Powered by 5.5V solar panel that can charSolar powered speakers and cell phone charging case. Perfect for remote areasge solar players or any other device that charges with low power USB. Mini and micro USB cables and a 30 pin iPod connector included.

$ 29.95
Waistband PA with mic
$ 59.00
Compact Power Source - used to power the DVD player for 2 more hours of play.
$ 39.95

Solar Panel - Folding, to charge the power source where electricity is not available.