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God's Story Synopsis

"Sein Plan" Übersicht

Synopsis de, (l'Histoire de Dieu)

La Historia de Dios: (synopsis)

Resume e "Historise se Zotit"

Istoria lui Dumnezeu – Rezumat

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Promotional Items

Ambassador Package - Gift to spread the Word. Outside the USA there is a shipping charge.

PSAs in CD format
- Free
Perfect for radio broadcasts. Help us tell the world about God's Story: From Creation to Eternity. The CD contains 39 public service announcements, 20 with background music and 19 without. Audio samples are professionally mastered and track times range from 15 seconds to 12 minutes. More than half the PSA selections include clips from the God's Story video. Ready-made for college campus radio stations, broadcasts over national borders, Easter and Christmas specials.


Reaching the Unreached in Unprecedented Numbers
- learn why leaders of ministries are changing the way they do missions! Listen for free here (download the MP3) or order the CD .
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Donate to The God's Story Project
- There are many unfunded languages and TGSP constantly gives materials to national evangelists. Help sponsor an unfunded language, backpack, or megavoice. Each dollar potentially affects hundreds or thousands for the Kingdom of God. Thank you!

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